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Professional polymer battery raw material supplier - Shenzhen Zhao you science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Zhao you Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the agency and sale of high quality aluminum plastic composite membrane products, its products are widely used in lithium ion polymer battery. Our company has many years of import and agency experience in the field of lithium battery materials. It is the first level agent designated by China Showa Electric Group Co., Ltd., registered in China's Hongkong and Shenzhen.

Different from the bad situation that the quality of raw materials market is not good at all, and the real and the fake are hard to distinguish, Zhao Yu technology company not only insists on supplying only the aluminum plastic film to the original factory in Japan, but also guarantees that it is the latest and the highest quality and imported for the Showa factory. At the same time, Zhao Yu won onquest high-level consensus, sent the top technical personnel Showa battery and engineers, with the most advanced technology, to help customers achieve the optimization in the application and process, a new benchmark for this domestic production environment set up.

Shenzhen City, Zhao Yu Technology Co. Ltd. in Japan to help Ishida packaging under the guidance, provide the most excellent products of aluminum-plastic composite film and the most attentive service and excellent technical support, and look forward to the road of cooperation oriented, continuous in lithium batteries and new energy industry, contribute to.

Company: Shenzhen Zhao you science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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