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China Industrial Association of Power Sources

China Industrial Association of Power Sources (CIAPS) is a national, Industrial and non-profit social organization,which is voluntarily organized by the battery industry enterprises and institutions.It was founded in Dec,1989 and has more than 500 member units.It has nine branches,that is alkaline battery & new chemical power branch, acid accumulator branch, lithium battery branch, solar photovoltaic branch, dry cell branch, Power Supply fittings branch, portable power source branch, Energy storage branch and power battery branch.

We specialize in solutions of various batteries and battery system, such as lead-acid battery, cadmium nickel battery, Nickel-hydrogen battery, Zinc-manganese alkaline manganese battery, primary lithium battery, lithium battery, solar battery, fuel cell, zinc-silver battery, thermal battery, super capacitor, thermoelectric generator,etc. And professional in variety of materials, spare parts, equipment, testing instruments and battery management system of battery.

Our business scope includes the following items.

(1) To be a bridge between in government and our association members, which not only reflect the wishes and requirements of members to government, but also communicate relevant government policies, laws, regulations to members and assist in implementation.

(2) To put forward suggestions of formulating policies and regulations of battery industry to government, which is according to industry statistics that is carrying out collection, analysis and exchange of technical, economic and market information in accordance with the law.

(3) To organize and make rules and regulations,assist government to regulate market behavior,expand market and establish a fair and competitive external environment for members,safeguard the legitimate interest of members and the overall interests of industry.

(4) To organize formulation and revision of association standards of battery industry, participate in drafting and revision of national standards and industry standards, and promote it implementation. To promote Environmental protection and energy conservation and accelerate recycling of waste battery.

(5) To assist government to formulate development plans and industrial policies for the battery industry.

(6) To carry out quality testing of battery products, evaluation and promotion of scientific and technological achievements, recommend new technologies and products, and assist members to make efforts for innovation.

(7) To edit and publish publications, build and operate websites, and provide information services for members.

(8) To organize members for exchanging experiences of technology and management, and popularize advanced scientific and technological achievements and modern management methods.

(9) To organize corresponding training, such as personnel, technical, management, regulatory, etc. To guide and assist members to improve business management.

(10) To develop economic and technological exchanges and academic exchanges, and hold national and international exhibitions and conferences of battery industry. On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with relevant foreign organizations and societies, organize members to go abroad to participate in international exhibitions and conferences, and provide service for members to explore both domestic and foreign markets.

(11) To play a self-regulatory role in coordinating the sales price and export price of battery products to promote fair competition.

(12) To represent the industry or coordinate members to respond foreign non-tariff trade barriers actively, safeguard legitimate rights of members and protect safety of battery industry.

(13) To be entrusted by government and relevant departments, to carry out preliminary demonstration on major investment, transformation and development, and participate in project supervision.

(14) To undertake matters that be entrusted by government and carry out other activities that be beneficial to battery industry.

We have maintained a good partnership with international well-known academic groups, industry associations and multinational companies in battery field. On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, we are willing to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation with foreign institutions, to carry Chinese transformation of battery industry from a big producer and exporter to a powerful nationstate, and promote rapid and healthy development of Chinese battery industry.   

President Unit: CETC 18

Director: Chunlin Zhou

Secretary general: Yanlong Liu

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Qualifications and Honours

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Exhibition introduction

China International Battery Fair

 China International Battery Fair (CIBF) is an international meeting and the biggest exhibition activity on battery industry, which is sponsored by China Industrial Association of Power Sources. It includes all kinds of activities, such as exhibition, technical seminar, information meeting, trade fair, etc. CIBF is the first brand exhibition, which is registered trademark on 28th, Jan, 1999, and be protected by SAIC. The trademark (CIBF) was renewed in 2009 and 2019.

The first CIBF was held in Tianjin in Sep,1992. CIBF has been held every two years since the second session and has been held for six consecutive session. In 2003, SARS was swept China, the 6th session was delayed to 2004. In 2008, the 8th was held in Tianjin because`Beijing Olympics. In 2010, CIBF has been held successfully in Shenzhen for the first time, but has been held for five consecutive terms until now. As follows:

Overview of past exhibitions











































Host city














CIBF2018 was held in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center in 22nd to 24th ,May, 2018, which includes exhibition, international advanced battery technical seminar, 1st international conference of new energy vehicle & power battery, and international trade fair.

CIBF2018 is the largest exhibition in the history of CIBF. The exhibition area has increased from 82500sqm in 2016 to 110000sqm, the exhibitors have increased from 1135 to 1253, and the booths are more than 5500. Among them, 15 Taiwan exhibitors were covered 270sqm, 24 German exhibitors were covered 399sqm, 14 Korea exhibitors were covered 180sqm. We invite 21 medias that were covered 258sqm. There were 679 raw spaces, total area was 42300sqm and 574 standard booths, total area was 7153sqm.

Turnouts was about 42780, an increase of 65.38% compared with CIBF2016; Visitor sessions was about 61625, an increase of 33.75% compared with CIBF2016. In terms of distribution, domestic visitors have been come from 494 counties of 31 provincial administrative units, overseas audiences were about 1258,that have been come from 63 countries or regions.Compared with CIBF2016, visitors of CIBF2018 was increased to 85 counties, overseas audiences were increased to 311 and distribution was increased to 16. Non-shenzhen visitors have been increased to 3.66% compared with CIBF2016.

Industry-focused international advanced battery technical seminar has been held in 22nd to 24th ,May on the 5th floor of shenzhen convention and exhibition centre, take the advanced batteries and materials as the theme, which has been invited 56 speakers from about 50 countries. More than 1200 representatives are take part in this seminar, who have been come from China, America, Germany, Russia, Canada,Japan and so on. Among them, more than 100 representatives come from abroad.

Parallel BBS was also held for the first time, named as “1st international conference of new energy vehicle & power battery”, over 400 representatives from related fields have been gathered to this conference, such as vehicle, power battery, material, equipment manufacturing, financial investment, etc. which have been discussed related key questions, for example, technology and industrial development, car electric fusion,  model innovation, investment and financing, and so on. On BBS, we officially launched the project of “Study on Development of Smart Manufacturing of Power Battery”. This is the first industry development research topic in power battery field, which have been led by association and institution, volunteered by enterprises of battery industry.

During exhibition, sponsor has invited 1335 buyers from 63 countries to visit exhibition, and held one-to-one talks with exhibitors.

CIBF2018 provides an opportunity of information and product exchange for domestic and foreign battery enterprises, and makes a great contribution to promoting the integration and development of battery technology at home and abroad. The success of CIBF2018 brings the world’s advanced battery technology and products to China, provides a new research and development direction for Chinese battery industry,and let the world see the booming development of Chinese battery industry.

President Unit: CETC 18

Director: Chunlin Zhou

Secretary general: Yanlong Liu


Exhibition trademark

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