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CIBF2014 online preview notice

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The Eleventh China International Conference on battery technology exchange / Exhibition

The online preview notice

The Eleventh China International Battery Technology Exhibition / CIBF2014 will be held on 18-22 June 2014 (including exhibitions and exchanges) in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, sponsored by China chemical and physical power industry association. For the expansion of the exhibition and exhibitors reports and attention, Chinese chemical and physical power industry association will join Chinese Internet Information Center (hereinafter referred to as China network), battery China website to jointly promote the media publicity, in Chinese Internet Information Center (Chinese network) and CIBF2014 network to build battery Chinese thematic website platform and online preview and video interview on the part of exhibitors.

To preview or network publicity business, please tidy up this exhibition will display the product category, product features, and other pictures, can show the strength of the company and the characteristics of text information, and in May 10th before the relevant information is sent to the China Internet Information Center (China network) of the specified mailbox, online for a preview a month.

In addition, during the exhibition China Internet Information Center (China network), battery China website will arrange live video interview (show news center in the exhibition hall 6, booth No. 6T016), intends to accept the interview and in-depth coverage of the exhibitors, can advance registration and China network, battery Chinese website director reports focused on communication, in order to the scene interview arrangement.

China network directly under the State Council Information Office leadership, Chinese Foreign Languages Publishing Service (China International Publishing Group) management of key national news website, relying on China Foreign Languages Publishing Service 50 years external communication resources, combined with the various provinces and cities nationwide key news website, jointly established the national propaganda network platform, creating a new pattern of network external communication. Chinese network adhere to the news leader, based on national condition, with the integration of all communication, instant project, online service, media search and other content for the principle, through in-depth reports carefully integrated real-time news, detailed background information and online exclusive, timely and comprehensive introduction to the world Chinese.

All the content reported by China network will be reproduced by Baidu and key media.

China Network liaison information:

Contact: Zhang Yutian moon

Contact phone: 010 - 57612658


Liaison information of China chemical and physical power industry association:

Contact: Wang Fuluan phone: 022-2395926913752078530

Mailbox: QQ: 58798730

China chemical and physical power industry association

April 10, 2014