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The second round of the Third New International Forum on battery electrolyte membrane materials

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The Third International Forum on Electrolyte & Separator Materials for Advanced Batteries

-19 October 18, 2017 (report on 17)

Nanjing Wanda Jiahua Hotel (No. 55, Zhu Shan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing)

Host (Sponsors)

China chemical and physical power industry association

China Electronic Technology Group Corporation eighteenth Research Institute


Beijing Zhong Tu International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Second round notice

(one) a brief description of the purpose, subject and content of the organization of the Forum

1, the third session of the International Forum on new battery electrolyte / electrolyte / separator is connected with the successful organization of the first session in 2013 and 2015 second forum on the basis of the diaphragm development professional academic / Technical Conference on international exchange, and Chinese chemical and Physical Power Association biennial CIBF battery technology international technology exchange will join each other and complement the academic / professional technology international conference. Obviously, the new international battery electrolyte / diaphragm International Forum, like previous professional technology forum, is to provide a battery critical material for both inside and outside the industry -- the platform for the development of electrolyte and separator Market and the latest development of technology at home and abroad.

Since 2013, industry associations in the careful arrangement and organization, has successfully organized the cathode materials and electrolyte / separator, hybrid and electric vehicle battery safety, advanced batteries and other professional forums, because each forum emphasizes and highlights the theme and content of the latest market development and technological progress, and pay attention to the battery by the battery the development of all the people at home and abroad favored. Especially in the 13-14 International Forum on new battery positive and negative pole materials, which just ended on April 2017, the number of people attending the forum was over 1000, and 55 of the speeches were arranged for the 1000. It shows that the number of people attending lectures and seminars has reached unprecedented scale. More gratifying is the high evaluation of the presentation and discussion of the conferences.

2, the organization held the Third International Forum on new battery electrolyte / separator, electrolyte and separator materials research progress in the field of communication, especially for lithium ion batteries to improve the voltage and enhance the specific capacity (such as high nickel NCA/NMC811) new type of cathode material and electrolyte of silicon based anode materials needs to improve stability, prolong the life of implementation (flame retardant; or anti overcharge ability, achieve high security); with composite anti internal short circuit function (polymer film coated) new membrane materials, as well as new electrolyte materials suitable for the development of lithium metal anode cell, especially the research and application of new solid electrolyte etc.. The research and application progress will be the key theme and content of the third session of the International Forum on electrolyte and septum.

(two) the topic and speaker that has been confirmed by this forum


Analysis of Electrolytes, Additives for Power Batteries and Discussion

Dr. Yoshio Mako (Masaki Yoshio)

Honorary professor of Saga University, Japan


Investigating Parasitic Reactions in Lithium-Ion Batteries

Researcher Chen Zonghai, /.Prof. Khalil Amine

Argonne National Laboratory


High Voltage Electrolyte for Next Generation Lithium-ion Battery

Zhang Zhengcheng (John) research fellow

Argonne National Laboratory


Future development and Commercialization Technology Trend of lithium ion battery electrolyte and isolation membrane Market

Deputy Secretary General Lv Xuelong

Taiwan Battery Association


Discussion on Advanced Separator Coating Technologies for EV Applications

Kelvin Wu, Director of Marketing & Sales

Shanghai Nagi new material Polytron Technologies Inc


Toward High-Voltage Electrolytes System: Suitable Electrolyte Additives and Their Working Mechanism

Professor Yang Yong, State Key Laboratory of solid surface physical chemistry, School of chemistry and chemistry, Xiamen University, Energy Institute


Highlights of current research on electrolytes at MEET/HIMS

Dr. Gunther Brunklaus,

Helmholtz-Institute Muenster (IEK-12)

Muenster Research Center Juelich, Germany


Development of Advanced Electrolytes for Low Voltage and High Energy Lithium-ion Batteries

Dr. Xu Mengqing

Wanxiang A 123 stock company


A new type of adhesive for ceramic coating of lithium battery diaphragm

Dr. Peng Shufu



Effects of lithium salt concentration on the capacity performance of

LiNi0.5Mn0.3Co0.2O2/MCMB pouch cells

Professor Wu Xihuang, Datong University in Taiwan


High Voltage and Safe Functional Electrolyte for Power Lithium Battery

Dr. Chen Jinming

Taiwan Research Institute of materials and chemical research.


The application of PVDF in diaphragm coated Solvay Solef in

Liu Ruili ion battery Global Technical Engineer

Solvette, Belgium


Extreme Kynarflex for PVDF portfolio for Li-Ion Battery Separator Coating

Dr. Thomas Fine

France akema global battery Market Manager


Separator Coatings Technical Solutions Provider-BYK

Dr. Megumu Takai

Technical Service Manager Electrical Energy Storage & Conversion

BYK Japan KK


Study of in-situ immobilized ionic conductor coated membrane

Researcher Li Hong

Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Ceramic Slurries for Coating Heat-Resistant Plastic Separators

Dr. Steven A. Carlson, CEO

Optodot Corporation Woburn, MA, USA


Lithium Battery Separator-- today, tomorrow and future (battery safety)

Dr. Zhang Zhengming (John)

Chairman of IEEE Battery Group

Chairman of "John Zhang Energy Prize", Univ. NNCC, US

Sr. Tech Executive Officer, Asahi-kasei Separator SBU/Polypore


Development of electrolyte for high energy density battery

Dr. Shiqiao / technical director

Shenzhen capchem Polytron Technologies Inc


Functionalization and performance design of diaphragm materials for lithium ion batteries

Professor Zhao Jinbao

Xiamen University special Professor, national "thousands of people plan" specialist, doctoral tutor


Progress in the research of high specific energy battery electrolyte

Dr. Yu Le / R & D director

Guangzhou heaven given high and new materials Limited by Share Ltd


Research and development of high nickel silicon carbon electrolyte system

Dr. Lin Jian / R & D vice president

Shenzhen Beek Power Battery Co., Ltd.


Application of high concentration electrolyte based on LiPF6 salt in high voltage lithium ion battery

Researcher Xia Yonggao

Power lithium battery Engineering Laboratory of Ningbo Material Institute of CAS


Research Progress on functional electrolyte of lithium ion battery

Professor Zhuang Quanchao

College of materials science and engineering, China University of Mining and Technology


Safety and Productivity Enhancements Through Freudenberg Ceramic Separators

Dr.Christoph.Weber, Germany

The Freudenberg Group


Functional materials coated on the surface of a lithium battery diaphragm or electrode

Dr. Wang Jian

Japan ruiweng Co. Ltd.


The latest technology and related algorithms of diaphragm thickness measurement and visual detection

General manager of Hu Meiqin,

Zhejiang University Zhejiang dual science and Technology Co., Ltd.


Lib separator postprocessing development equipment

Zhou Yan Deputy General Manager

Shenzhen jiaxan Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Ningde jiaxo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


How fundamental study help Wide Temperature Electrolyte Development?

Dr. Cheng Gang

Wildcat Discover Technology Co., Ltd.


Application and evaluation of new material diaphragm for lithium ion power battery

Dr. Zhang Na

Tianjin Lishen Joint-Stock Co


Progress in electrolyte technology for CATL lithium ion batteries

Zhang Ming R & D Engineer

New energy Polytron Technologies Inc in Ningde Era


Study on solid electrolyte materials with high lithium ion conductivity and its application

Dr. Lin long / Vice President

Gan Feng lithium advanced battery research institute


Gel polymer electrolyte composite diaphragm

General manager of Li Xin

Tianjin Donggao Film Technology Co Ltd


Density functional theory study on the redox potential of carbonate solvent in lithium ion batteries


Byd Company Limited second Undertakings Department


New gel composite diaphragm, gel electrolyte and its application

Professor Li Lin

School of chemistry, Beijing Normal University


The Effect of Heat Resistant Separators on the Safety of Li-ion Batteries

Dr. Jia Zhen Zhen

Research and Development Laboratory of MITSUBISHI Paper Co., Ltd., Tsukuba, Japan


A new polyvinyl alcohol acetal solid polymer electrolyte and its room temperature conductivity enhancement technique

Prof. Lian Fang

University of Science and Technology Beijing, College of materials science and Engineering


Research on key materials and battery technology of solid state lithium batteries

Dr. Ding Fei

China Electronic Technology Group Corporation eighteenth Research Institute


A discussion on the improvement of the performance of the diaphragm for power lithium ion batteries

Dr. Huai Yongjian / Project Engineer

Aviation Industry Corp in China

Air lithium (Luoyang) Co. Ltd.

* some of the speeches at home and abroad and the speaker are in the process of confirmation.