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Annual meeting of China battery industry market in 2015

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In 2014 to promote a new round of domestic economic reform and the policy of expanding domestic demand, China's economic structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading are deepening the sustained growth of domestic consumption demand driven consumption associated with a battery of automobile, communication, electric bicycles, intelligent mobile phone and application of new energy and information products such as the growth, at the same time, the state vigorously promote the new energy industry in the domestic market started, but also led to the solar battery, storage battery, power battery demand growth. In 2014, China's lead-acid battery production enterprises is still the continuation of the development direction of transformation and upgrading, transformation and upgrading of the lead-acid battery in the predicament, with the increasing of international battery manufacturers and pull the relevant state industrial investment in China, lead-acid battery industry Chinese development faster, the annual growth rate of nearly 30%; lithium ion battery market size more than 71 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 21.1%. In 2014, the 3C market in China increased by 6% with Li ion batteries, and the national sales scale was 58 billion yuan. The energy storage capacity of Li ion batteries, including communications and new energy applications, needs 1 billion 500 million yuan. In 2014 the Chinese government attaches great importance to the photovoltaic industry, various preferential policies have been introduced to the domestic market and increase the proportion of production capacity to digest foreign emerging market countries increased demand, the domestic PV market installed capacity reached more than 10.52GW, with the encouragement of distributed energy users spontaneously occupied, household energy storage systems market will rise, the market potential is huge; the trend of rapid growth in 2015 China's promotion of new energy vehicles will continue in 2014, maintain year-on-year growth of 2-3 times, is expected to 2015 annual sales will reach 15-20 000. Demand for power lithium battery will reach 10 billion WH, the new lithium battery consumption will show a rapid growth trend; in addition, with the domestic 4G network construction, the demand for communication for backup lithium ion batteries will further increase in 2015, the three major domestic telecom operators will continue to increase the purchase amount of lithium ion battery the market size is expected to reach 1 billion 600 million yuan. To sum up, China's battery industry is facing good opportunities for development, as long as the battery enterprises strengthen the production, learning and research, closely, develop high quality and high efficiency materials, can reduce the cost of the battery safety, strengthen the power battery and storage, technical route of innovation, explore the operation mode, can be in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market.

In order to help the Chinese battery enterprises objectively analyze the situation in 2014 2015 the battery industry, correctly grasp the development trend of the industry, increase the development and application of power and energy storage battery, Chinese chemical and physical power association is scheduled for May 23, 2015 - 25 in Guangdong Province, Foshan city held the "2015 annual meeting China battery industry market". The conference invited experts from home and abroad to analyze the development status and development trend of battery industry and related application market, and released the results of the top 100 Battery Companies in 2014, to provide guidance for the healthy development of industry and rational investment.

First, the theme of the conference:

(1) analysis of the global IT lithium ion battery industry and market development;

(2) the current situation and trend of the development of the global energy storage battery industry;

(3) the current situation and trend of China's power lithium battery industry

(4) the transformation and development of China lead-acid battery industry under the condition of environmental verification and access;

(5) the development status and future outlet of nickel battery;

(6) the current development of China's distributed photovoltaic industry and the demand for energy storage batteries.

(7) the current status and development trend of cathode, negative electrode, electrolyte and diaphragm industry of lithium ion battery;

(8) the current situation of the development of the battery equipment industry in China and the transformation and upgrading of China's battery equipment industry.

(9) the development status and market demand of aluminum plastic film for lithium ion batteries.

(10) release the results of the top 100 enterprises in China's battery industry

Two, conference fee: including meeting information, lunch, dinner, dinner, meeting, meeting expenses and so on.

     In May 1st before the registration fee: 2000 yuan / person; non member representatives: 2400 yuan / person

     After the May 1st registration fee: 2400 yuan / person; non member representatives: 2800 yuan / person

Three. Participants

Governments at all levels, associations, battery manufacturers, materials suppliers, battery assembly, battery management systems, battery equipment suppliers, research institutions, universities, consulting, investment and financing institutions, home and abroad procurement institutions, and focus on the development of friendly people in the battery industry.

Four, Congress for the contents and requirements:

This conference sincerely asks experts and scholars at home and abroad to collect the report of the conference, which focuses on market and industry analysis. The report through the panel of experts can be published in today's battery magazine.

Requirements: 1, title (Chinese and English), abstract (100-300 words in English) and full text (5000 words); 2, personal and unit profiles (including 2 inch photos)

Deadline: May 10, 2015 received e-mail:;

Five. Product display

In order to facilitate enterprises to publicize and display their products, the Organizing Committee of the forum set up a special exhibition area outside the venue for enterprises to display small samples and publicity panels during the conference. The position is limited. If there is a need for enterprises to contact the Organizing Committee in advance, each exhibition area will charge 7000 yuan, and the organizing committee can provide the exhibition stand.

Six. Liaison:

Host unit:

China Association of chemical and physical power industry association: Wang Fuluan

Tianjin Huayuan Industrial Park Xiqing district (outer ring) seven road No. 6 Haitai branch zip code: 300384

Phone: 022-2395926913752078530 Fax: 022-23380938



Contact: Wang Chieh

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China chemical and physical power industry association

February 9, 2015