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Chinese chemical and physical power industry association fee collection regulations

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First, according to the Ministry of civil affairs and the Ministry of finance, the news agency [2003]95 file "on the adjustment of society dues policy related issues notice" spirit, by December 2013 15 Japan will be discussed by the sixth congress, the membership fee standards are as follows:

Director general unit            10000yuan

Deputy director general unit     6000yuan

Standing governing unit          4000yuan

General governing unit           3000yuan

Branch Council                   2500yuan

General member unit              2000yuan

Two, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of civil affairs, the membership fee is uniformly charged by the general association, and the meeting will no longer be collected separately to avoid duplication of charges.

Three, member units pay the membership fee according to the standard in the first quarter of the year. The association has issued the "social group receipts receipt" of the Ministry of finance to the member units.

Four. According to the provisions of article twelfth of the association, "if the membership does not pay the membership fee or does not participate in the activities of the conference in 1 years, it shall be regarded as an automatic retreat".

Five, the bank account information is as follows:

Unit name: China chemical and physical power industry association

Number: 120104500000488

Bank of China: Bank of China, Tianjin Xiqing Central Branch

Account number: 277870507087

Bank line number: 104110047001

China chemical and physical power industry association

December 16, 2013