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North Polytechnic Wu Feng: Research Progress of materials for advanced battery of high safety and reliability

Release Time:2019/4/9 Page View:7002

In order to help the enterprise objective analysis of 2016 the operation of power battery industry, correctly grasp the development trend of the industry, increase the development and application of power and energy storage battery, sponsored by China chemical and physical power industry association and battery Chinese network, Shuangdeng group Limited by Share Ltd, one can (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. jointly hosted the "2016 fifth China battery Market Annual Conference in 2016 the first battery application international summit, 2016 second Chinese battery intelligent manufacturing industry seminar opened in Beijing in November 14th. The meeting gathered from government departments, research institutions, experts and well-known leading power battery industry chain of new energy vehicles in the middle and lower reaches of the entrepreneurs, investment institutions and representatives of the media reporters and other more than 500 participants.