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15th China International Battery Fair

The 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2023), organized by China Industrial Association of Power Sources, will be held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center from May 16 to 18, 2023. CIBF2023 will be accompanied by 6th China Energy Storage Exhibition, 4th China Power Bank Exhibition and the 1st International Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cell Exhibition.

For CIBF2023, the exhibition area is 160 thousand square meters, the number of exhibitors will be up to 1500, the number of booths will be over 7800. CIBF2023 will focus on the global power battery, energy storage battery, 3C battery, Charging and replacement equipment and supporting facilities, hydrogen energy and fuel cell, various battery materials, manufacturing equipment and system solutions, with a special focus on the series of achievements in the field of new energy passenger cars, buses, logistics vehicles, trucks, ships in our country in the last two years. The theme of CIBF2023 technical conference will be “power batteries, energy storage batteries and fuel cell", focusing on electric vehicle batteries, energy storage battery, fuel cell and various materials with a variety of the latest developments. There will be 2000 people from more than 50 countries and regions attend the meeting.

With its international stage, products of the whole battery industry chain, professional audience, and diversified exhibition means, CIBF2023 will provide a platform for domestic and foreign users, buyers, and dealers to display and trade, and once again become a Chinese event in the world battery industry.

We look forward to your participation to open a new chapter in China's battery industry!



 (1) Exhibition (2) Technical Conference (3) Procurement Fair



(1) All kinds of Batteries: Li-ion, NiMH, Ni-Cd, lead-acid, zinc-air, super-capacitors, Na-S, flow batteries, lithium primary, Zinc manganese batteries, alkaline manganese batteries, nickel zinc batteries, silver zinc battery, thermal battery, fuel cells, solar cells, thermoelectric cooling modules and other new battery types ;

(2) All kinds of battery pack: battery packs for phones, laptop tablets and computers, wearable devices, walkie talkie, cordless phones, digital products, emergency lights, electric toys, UPS, railway locomotives and passenger cars, metro vehicle, ship etc.;

(3) Power batteries and management systems: unmanned aerial vehicle, model airplane, power batteries, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, low speed electric cars, electric buses, electric passenger cars and electric logistics vehicles and battery management system;

(4) Charging pile, charging station and related facilities: Charging pile, charging station and related facilities, parking lot charging facilities and intelligent monitoring equipment, charging station power supply solution, charging stations, smart grid solutions, etc.;

(5) All kinds of energy storage batteries and EPC: large scale energy storage, micro grid, distributed energy, home storage system, communication base station energy storage, industrial energy storage technology, home energy storage, electric car storage charge (change) power plants, BMS battery management system, PCS storage energy inverter and variety of chemical energy storage and physical energy storage products;

(6) Mobile power bank and related products: all kinds of brand mobile power products, a variety of specifications for lithium ion battery, all material shell, mobile design scheme of power supply and charger IC, protection circuit and PCB circuit board, USB interface and data lines

(7) Hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and equipment: hydrogen production equipment technology and hydrogen supply, hydrogen storage and transportation and related equipment, fuel cell key components and supply technology, fuel cell system and achievement application;

(8) Battery manufacturing equipment, testing instruments, raw materials and components for all kinds of batteries;

(9) Waste battery recycling and regeneration technology and equipment; Three wastes (waste gas, waste water, waste residue) treatment equipment

(10) Battery testing and certification bodies, intelligent digital battery factory and material factory solutionetc.



There are standard exhibition booth (9m2: 3m×3m) and space area (min area 36 m2). The standard booth fee is US$3000/9m2 and the space area fee is US$300/m2.

Each standard booth (9 m2) provides a fascia in Chinese-English (two for angular position), one table, two folding chairs, two lamps, one power socket, one basket, one carpet, three exhibition walls (3 × 3 × 2.5m), and company contact information printed in the CIBF2023 Catalogue.


Booth arrangement

Allocation of booths:

The exhibition hall is divided into battery products and application area, raw materials and spare parts area, manufacturing equipment and test instrument area Hydrogen energy and fuel cell area, charging and changing equipment and supporting facilities area, international exhibition area. The exhibitors from abroad, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be arranged in the international exhibition area.

The principle of booth arrangement is: applying early, paying early, and assigning early. The booth fee should be remitted to the designated bank account after confirmation of the booth within 10 working days. The organizer has the right to sell the selected booth to other companies if overdue.

Cancellation: Those who are not able to take part in the exhibition after application for particular reasons are allowed to withdraw. The procedure should be handled after confirming by the CIBF2023 office during the designated time period. If the exhibitors quit before Feb 1, 2023, the office will claim 30% of the booths fee for compensation and repay the rest. If the exhibitors quit from Feb 1 to April 1, 2023, the office will claim 60% of the booths fee for compensation and repay the rest. If the exhibitors quit after April 1, 2023, there will be no repayment.


exhibition process

(1) The exhibitors shall fill in the application form after the confirmation of exhibition and selection of booth, and send the form to CIBF2023 office by email (See the contact information below for the email address);

(2) After receiving INVOICE, the exhibitors should pay the booth fee to the designated account within 10 working days;

(3) The booth confirmation will be sent to the exhibitors by email 1-2 months before the exhibition;

(4) The exhibitors need to take the booth confirmation to on-site registration for the exhibition and exhibition procedures.

Official language for the paper: English (Chinese is acceptable for any attendee with difficulties in English) Method to submit the topic and abstract: E-mail to:
Deadline of paper title & abstract submission: No later than March 1, 2018